Nursing: Licenced Practical Nurse Bachelor of Science Degree

LPN-BSN Curriculum

For students entering the program Fall 2020 or later please utilize this curriculum guide

First Year (For students who entered the program prior to Fall 2020)

PHIL 113 Introduction to Philosophy
PSYC 211 General Psychology
NURS 200 Bridge Course
ENGL 160 Writing Skills
UNIV 100 Living Responsible in an Independent World (except if transferred)
RST 112 Modern Belief
ENGL 180 World Literature
NURS 253 Health Assessment
HIST *** Global History 

Second Year

NURS 452 Nursing Care of the Community Client
NURS 452C Nursing Care of the Community Client Clinical
*MATH 155 Statistics for the Behavioral & Social Sciences
LANG *** Language (1)
SOC 211 Introduction to Sociology
NURS 352 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
NURS 352C Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Clinical
NURS 455 Medical/Surgical Nursing III
NURS 455C Medical/Surgical Nursing III Clinical
LANG *** Language (2)
ENGL >300 English Elective (any >300)

Third Year

NURS 451 Introduction to Nursing Research
FAR *** Fine Arts Elective
HIST *** History Elective
RST >200 Religion Elective (any >200)
PHIL *** Philosophy Elective (>100)
NURS 453 Professional Preparation
NURS 456 Internship
DEAN 073 CHHS Undergraduate Degree Candidacy (Graduation)

*Math 155 has a grade requirement of C or higher and must be taken prior to NURS 451: Nursing Research.


Students may choose to challenge, by examination, the following courses:

  • NURS 350    Med/Surg I
  • NURS 351    Med/Surg II
  • NURS 450    Nursing Care Childbearing/Childrearing Famililes


  • Anatomy and Physiology (NLN)
  • Microbiology (NLN)
  • Nutrition (NLN)
  • Chemistry (CLEP)

Starting Spring 2017 - All Cognate courses must be completed successfully (through challenge exam(s) or coures(s) taken) prior to the start of Nursing courses. Please see the Nursing Student Handbook for details regarding grade requirements for these courses.

Advanced Standing

Students may receive advanced standing credit upon submission of license for the following courses:

  • NURS 252 Fundamentals