Nursing: Facilities

The Nursing Simulation Classroom

Center for Natural & Health Sciences

The Department of Nursing is located in the Center for Natural & Health Sciences. It is equipped with a state of the art simulation laboratory. It also houses the Comerford Theatre, which is one of the largest lecture halls on campus.

Clinical Simulation Lab

The use of SimMan and Vital Sim Models along with the newly purchased Nursing Anne and SimMom provides an opportunity to experience realistic clinical situations. The new skills lab is a state of the art facility that helps students establish fundamental critical thinking skills that can be applied in nursing practice.

Student Lounge

Within the sim lab, students have access to a student lounge where they can study and socialize and they have access to a microwave and refrigerator. Students can access the lab and the lounge with their Marywood ID card.  

Computer Lab

Students have access to a computer lab with up-to-date resources for academic development located right inside the Center for Natural & Health Sciences. Other computer labs are available across campus.