Diana D'Achille '14

Published on Tue, December 10, 2013

Hometown: Denville, N.J.
Major: Graphic design with a minor in multimedia
Sport: Cross country

Favorite Marywood Memory

Diana's favorite memory was the excitement and pride she felt when Marywood won the overall CSAC Presidents' Cup for the first time in history. The Presidents' Cup is an annual athletic award presented to the school with the highest competitive percentage rating based on championship finishes. Diana said, "Marywood's women's cross country team was the conference champion, and I was also a player on the lacrosse team, which was a runner-up that particular year. I'll always remember the picture the school took on the turf field that included every athlete, in every sport, proudly showcasing the three trophy cups from the three sports seasons."

Combining Sports with Academics

Diana said, "Cross country is one of the toughest sports, because it's just as much about the mental attitude as it is about the physical fitness." Diana credits cross country with teaching her commitment, prioritization, attitude, and discipline. Diana said, "These ethics carry over to academics and are shared by all my fellow cross country teammates, who usually hold the highest academic records to prove it."

Future Plans

Diana, a senior, enjoys all forms of graphic design in both digital and print. She plans to pursue a career that benefits from both her design and technology skills. In addition to her graphic design major requirements, she has completed a minor in multimedia, several web design courses, and a programming class at Marywood. Diana said she feels "these courses will make me more marketable in such a competitive field."

She is considering graduate school or certification courses so she can specialize in mobile device software development and graphics. Additionally, Diana plans to continue running, along with swimming and biking. Her next goal is to compete in a Half Iron Man. Diana said, "I love setting goals, and this one seems like a great one to pursue."