Alumni Travel Insurance

Published on Fri, June 29, 2012

You insure your car, your house, your life, and your health. Now, be sure to insure your trip. Whether it’s the adventure of a lifetime or plane tickets to your college reunion, consider travel insurance, because even if you are fit to travel, circumstances around you can change. Kids break bones. Elderly parents become ill. Weather is unpredictable. Last year nearly 20% of all flights were delayed, over 3% were cancelled, and thousands were diverted1.

Travel insurance can reimburse for expenses caused by trip delays, interruptions, or cancellations, whether due to an ill traveler or family member. Some policies even provide an option to add “Cancel for Work” and others offer “Cancel for Any Reason.”

Plane tickets for a family trip could easily cost thousands! Consider all those other non-refundable expenses: condo rentals, cruise ship tickets, greens fees, tour operator fees…

Regardless of your destination or health situation, consider travel insurance. It’s available through the Alumni Insurance Program. Learn more at