Reunion Weekend 2012: 10 best items to bring with you

Published on Mon, December 05, 2011

With Reunion Weekend just around the corner, here is a list of things you may want to bring
with you to add to the enjoyment of what promises to be a fun weekend!

1. Old photos of you and your friends so that you can reminisce about your past hair and fashion choices.
2. Your camera for your newest memories.
3. A list of your favorite stories so that you don’t forget to share them.
4. A calendar so that you can plan your next mini-reunion with friends.
5. Your yearbook and/or old scrapbooks from your time at Marywood.
6. Business cards with your personal contact information so that you can keep in touch.
7. Photographs of your family, children, and/or grandchildren
8. A good book or some magazines for your downtime (if you have any, that is!).
9. An umbrella in case there’s a late spring storm.
10. Your enthusiasm and energy!

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