Marywood Art Professor Lands Solo Show in Paris

Published on Mon, March 05, 2012

With solo shows in New York City, Atlanta and other areas of the United States a Marywood faculty member has now turned his sights elsewhere, looking to expand his reach to a major European art center: Paris, France.

Mark Webber, M.F.A., assistant professor of art, will be traveling to Paris this month, for his first European show, where 11 of his paintings will be displayed at the New Heart City Gallery. Webber's paintings will be shown from March 16 through April 14.

"The gallery is right on street level. So, as you're walking down the street, you can see paintings right inside," Webber says. "I like that."

A graduate of the Parsons School of Design in New York, NY, and the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, MA, Webber describes his work as "genre painting," where he focuses on moments of daily life. There is no splashy subject matter. Any drama that occurs is the subtle, small-scale drama about everyday life, he says.

When asked how he thinks Parisians will respond to his work, Webber says that his approach to art is always the same no matter what the audience.

"Having a solo show in Paris certainly presents new challenges for me," he observes. "The worries of showing in Europe are minor compared to the standard worries: Is the audience going to be satisfied with the work? Am I pricing these things fairly?"

Listen to Kenny Luck, coordinator of public relations and new media, talk with Mark Webber about his art.

Before traveling to Paris, Webber will be stopping in London, England, where he and a colleague will be staying for six days, guiding students on an European art study tour.

For more information, please contact Mark Webber, M.F.A., assistant professor of art, at 570.348.6211 x2270 or