International Club to Host Week of Cultural Events

Published on Mon, November 14, 2011

From Nigeria and South Korea to India and Kenya, members of Marywood's International Club will have the opportunity to showcase the best food, music, and clothing from their respective country as International Education Week gets underway.

Daniel Sputa, member of the international week planning committee and former international club president, says it's important for international students to feel welcomed on campus. Hosting a week of activities that highlight multiculturalism, Sputa adds, is a great way for the community to learn more about other cultures.

"The purpose of this is to educate," Sputa said, when asked why it's important to host an international week. "Strengthening the relationship among countries is our goal."

Among other events, students will have the opportunity to attend an international fashion show, sample a range of different cuisines at the international dinner, and watch a foreign film.

For more information about international week, including a schedule of events, please visit the International Club website.