Architecture Students Provide Farmitecture Services to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

Published on Mon, July 07, 2014

Marywood architecture students recently partnered with Indraloka Animal Sanctuary to design and build an eco-friendly building as part of a class called Farmitecture. A three-credit summer course, Farmitecture is geared toward positive social impact through design.

Every year, students design and build environmentally-friendly housing for the animals at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. This year, the student project is an aviary featuring a built-in water collection system and planters. The planters will contain peas and herbs, not only to feed the birds, but to also repel insects that bother birds, among other attributes of the aviary. Last year, students built a house for mini-pigs that features moveable walls, so that the design can be altered as needed.

Kate O'Connor, assistant professor of architecture in the School of Architecture, said, "The students participating in the course this year are a committed and creative group who are constantly challenging themselves and seeking the best design solutions. They are in a unique situation, as they design for a client that cannot speak, and, therefore, have done research to make the best design decisions."