First Wednesday at the Library- April 4

Published on Mon, April 04, 2011

First Wednesday at the Library- April 4

Attend any or all of the programs and enter to win a door or grand prize.



Tai Chi, a Mind and Body Exercise

Public Services Librarian, Miao Hong, will be leading participants in a session of Tai Chi.  People of all ages use Tai Chi movements to gain strength and flexibility.  By improving the mind/body connection, Tai Chi brings the yin and yang of a person into their natural harmony. (Wear loose clothing for this presentation.)



Creating Oneself Anew

Presented by Jim Sullivan.

As we prepare ourselves for the Easter season, consider this offering. This presentation is based on a biblical passage from Paul to the Galations:  "All that matters is that one is created anew."  (Galatians 6:15b)  It is important to find and establish a sacred time and space to be alone with Christ who is fully human and fully divine.



"College Central, Career Rookie, Career Spots and More" 

Presented by Career Services.

Whether you call it cyber smart or tech savvy, this is what is required for successful job and internship searches. A premier internet search tool will be demonstrated: Going Global.


3-4p.m. Learn Sign Language 

A continuation of previous classes on learning sign language.


5-6p.m.  Jazz

As your work day may be drawing down, come listen to the sounds of jazz for a real pick-up.