First Wednesday at the Library - March 9

Published on Mon, March 07, 2011

First Wednesday at the Library- March 9

Attend any or all of the programs and enter to win a door or grand prize.


11 a.m. - 12 p.m. 

LRC 319

Financial Aid: School Smart, Money Smart  - Understanding financial aid and its impact on your future can set you on a path to financial success.
As Assistant Director of Financial Aid for Student Services, Sister Jane Snyder has very practical knowledge about understanding the financial aid process.  Come learn about student loans, financial aid, and smart use of money.  Knowledge about financial aid and its impact on your future will help set you on a path to financial awareness that every student should know about.


12-1 p.m. and 2-3 p.m. 

LRC 319

Personal Safety Awareness - What You Need to Safeguard your Safety
Jim Sullivan has 23 years of federal law enforcement experience as a manager. supervisor and administrator. His talk and discussion will focus on prison issues such as programs at prisons, halfway houses, and home confinement.  On the personal safety end, he will explain where repeat offenders live and work.  Most importantly, Jim will help us understand how to take personal safety seriously through the use of real-life examples.

1-2 p.m.  

LRC 319

The Embedded Web- How to laser-focus your information search

Are you tired of seeing a million hits when you hit the enter key?  Is there something out there in cyber-land besides Google?  Come to a hands-on workshop that takes you to the invisible web, the embedded web, the place that has smart information compiled by smart people.  Sites include:  the Internet Public Library, This We Know, and How Stuff Works.  A handout listing great websites is an added bonus to this session. Annette Fisher, Information Literacy Librarian, will present this workshop.


Library's Main Lobby

"August Wilson's Fences: It's Not Death of a Salesman!"

Presented by Dr. Agnes Cardoni, English Department.

Though comparisons have been made between Wilson's Fences and Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, there are unique dynamics of culture and family operating in the African-American family of Fences that renders the play a window onto the pre-Civil Rights era of American life. If you know Death of a Salesman, come hear the "scoop" on August Wilson's Fences!


LRC 319

Learn Sign Language

Marcia Shaffer is back with the second installment of our Sign Language workshop.