Faculty News

Published on Tue, January 04, 2011

Faculty News:

Dr. Alexander Dawoody, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration, published a research study titled, "Education as an Equalizer and Challenges to the American Republic," in Volume 7, Number 11, of the November 2010 Journal of US-China Public Administration.  Dr. Dawoody also received Excellence in Teaching Award from the American Political Science Association (APSA). The award was received during APSA's Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.  


  • Dr. Dawoody also presented research articles and papers including:
    • "Reworking Maslow's Hierarchy" at the 6th International Conference on Public Administration (ICPA) in Canberra, Australia, October 2010. He also moderated a panel on "Communication, Innovation and E-Governance" at the same conference.
    • "Iraqi Administrative Challenges" at the October 2010 International Conference of the Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA) in Seoul, Korea. He also moderated a panel on "Society, Politics and Public Administration: Who Should Take Care of Citizens?" at the same conference.
    • "Teaching Public Administration and Finance as Complex Adaptive System" at the June 2010 6th Transatlantic Dialogue (TAD) International Conference on Public Fiance and Budgeting in Siena, Italy.
    • "Global Interconnectedness and the Financial Crisis: The Imperative of Collapse" at the June 2010 5th International Conference on Public Administration in Xiamen, China.
    • "Leadership and Phobia: toward a Smarter Use of Language in Fighting Terrorism" at the 2010 National Conference of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) in San Jose, California.
    • "The Emergence of E-Citizenship" at the 2010 Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) in Chicago.
    • "Toward Internationalizing our Curriculum" at the 2010 Teaching and Learning Conference of the American Political Science Association (APSA) in Philadelphia.
    • "The Birth of Global E-Citizenship: Does the Flapping of a Butterfly's Wing in Tehran Set off a Tornado in Washington, D.C.?" and "Self-Organization as an Archetype: Examining US-Iraqi Relations" at the 4th International Conference on Nonlinear Sciences (INCS) at Palermo, Sicily.


  • Dr. Patricia Arter, Assistant Professor in the Special Education Department, described Marywood University's Undergraduate Research Committee and how it supports research at the undergraduate level in the "Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Quarterly", Fall 2010. As a result, Marywood University was listed as "Best Practices: Getting Started" in CUR Quarterly, Fall 2010. CUR's mission is to support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship.


  • Dr. Stephen Burke, Full Professor of Social Work, and Sr. Angela Kim, Assistant Professor of Social Work, received a Centennial Project award, "Educating for Tomorrow's Practice" for a video celebrating the history and impact of the School of Social Work.


  • Dr. Christine Kessen, Associate Professor of Social Work, published a book chapter, "Sister's keeper," in T. A. Wolfer & M. Huyser (Eds.), Grappling with faith: Decision cases for Christians in social work (pp. 11-19). Botsford, CT: NACSW.


  • Dr. Rosemary D. Caolo, Assistant Professor of Social Work, presented "A Case Study Analysis of the Personal Documents of a Sexually Abused Adolescent Through the FeministL ens of Gilligan's Moral Development Theory" at The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC) 14th Colloquium.


  • Dr. Packiaraj Arumugham, Assistant Professor of Social Work, presented "Corruption and the Need for good Governance" in Delhi, India.