Program to Incorporate Arts into Fifth Grade Curriculum Starts at Marywood

Published on Wed, December 15, 2010

Marywood University and the Scranton School District have partnered in the Kennedy Center Partners in Education Program. This partnership, Pennsylvania 2010, is specifically designed to present professional development workshops to Scranton School District teachers in an effort to help them  incorporate the arts (music, theater, dance, and visual arts) into other core subject areas, such as math, language arts, science, and history. Randy Barron, Kennedy Center teaching artist,  presented a workshop at Marywood University that taught how to incorporate dance into the fifth grade science curriculum.




(left to right)

Collier Parker, Dean Insalaco College of Creative and Performing Arts, Marywood University; Bernice McAndrew, Teacher, Francis Willard Elementary School; Judi Zanghi, Teacher, McNichols Plaza Elementary School; Randy Barron, teaching artist, Kennedy Center; Agnes Cardoni, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English, Marywood University; Natalie Schultz Kalwatz, Dance Director, Marywood University; Ann Marie Castelgrande, Pro-Rata Art Education Department, Marywood University; Judy Snyder, Music, Theatre, and Dance Production Manager, Marywood University