Faculty News

Published on Thu, October 07, 2010



  • Steven Alexander, Art Associate Professor, will present a one-person exhibition of recent paintings at Morpeth Contemporary Gallery in Hopewell, N.J., from today through Oct. 30, 2010. He also will present a one-person exhibition of recent large scale paintings at Gremillion & Co. Fine Art in Dallas, TX, from November 5- 27, 2010. In August, Mr. Alexander exhibited a group of recent paintings at Galeria Murilo Castro and at the Salao de Artes Art Fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Janet L. Muse-Burke, Ph.D., Psychology and Counseling Assistant Professor, presented "The Supervisory Relationship: A Critical Review of Current Supervisory Measures." (Lieber, K. R., & Muse-Burke, J. L.) and "What Counselor Trainees Need from Supervision: Development and Validation of the Supervisee Needs Index (SNI)" (Tyson, A., & Muse-Burke, J.) at the Annual Meeting of the American Counseling Association, Pittsburgh, PA. In addition, she presented "The Role of Parental Love Inconsistency in the Development of Narcissism and Aggression" (Migliosi, B. L., Muse-Burke, J. L., & Costoso, E.), "Assessment in Supervision: Initial development of the Supervisee Needs Index" (Muse-Burke, J. L., & Tyson, A), and "Supervision Factors and the Self-Efficacy of Novice Mental Health Workers" (Morcos, S., & Muse-Burke, J. L.) at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, San Diego, CA.
  • Dr. Kelly Richards, Psy.D. '10 alumna, Dr. Estelle Campenni, Associate Professor, and Dr.  Janet Muse-Burke, Assistant Professor, published an article titled, "Self-Care and Well-Being in Mental Health Professionals: The Mediating Effects of Self-Awareness and Mindfulness " in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling (Vo. 32, pp. 247-264).


Communication Sciences and Disorders Students:

  • Colleen Meighan and Jillian Gradzki presented a paper titled "The Influence of Musical Training on the Phonological Loop and the Central Executive" at the 11th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition in University of Washington at Seattle.
  • Lauren Lettieri presented her honors thesis "Semantic vs. Non-Semantic Whole Word Reading Therapy for Pure Alexia: A Case Study" at the 11th Science of Aphasia Conference in Potsdam, Germany.