Faculty News: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Published on Wed, April 21, 2010

Faculty news from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

  • Agnes Cardoni, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, English Department, will have a paper published this spring entitled "The Problem of Belief: Understanding the Dying Unbeliever in Sylvain Trudel's Mercury Under My Tongue," in the Drew University Journal of Medical Humanities.  In addition, Dr Cardoni had a panel "Cholera in Fiction, Film and History," accepted for presentation at the eighth annual meeting of The Pennsylvania Medical Humanities Consortium in Philadelphia in May.  Included on the panel will be three Marywood student researchers.


  • Laurie Cassidy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Religious Studies Department, will co-chair the College Theology Society's 2010 annual convention, entitled "Religion, Culture and Economics in Conflict and Conversation" to be held in Portland, Oregon this June.   In addition, Dr. Cassidy is involved in planning and will act as lead facilitator for the Wabash grant funded workshop entitled "The Gift and Challenge of Difference" which will take place before college theology's annual convention this June and will focus on race, diversity and pedagogy in teaching religion and theology.


  • Ann Cerminaro-Costanzi, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Foreign Language Department, had an article, entitled "The Text as Body / The Body as Text: An Approach to Reading Vicente Aleixandre's Espadas como labios and La destrucción o el amor," published in the MIFLC Review, Volume 13, 2006-2007 (Note: the publication year refers to when the original paper was presented at the MIFLC conference; the article was published in the fall, 2009).  In addition, Dr. Cerminaro-Costanzi's article, "Poesía en estado nasciente': Bodies, Landscapes and the Creative Process in Vicente Aleixandre's La destruccón o el amor," will appear in a collection of essays edited by The College English Association - Caribbean Chapter. In addition, Ann Cerminaro-Costanzi, Ph.D., represented Marywood on a Study-Abroad Tour of Programs sponsored by the Trade Commission of the Spanish Embassy in Miami.  She traveled with professors of Spanish as well as study abroad coordinators from around the country to view and evaluate various study abroad programs at Spanish universities and institutes in Madrid, Malaga and Seville. Dr. Cerminaro-Costanzi and Jose Reyes, Ph.D., Professor, Foreign Language Department, accompanied 15 students of Spanish from Marywood on a trip to Spain over Spring Break. The trip was designed to complement student learning in the Spanish 290 course: Visions of Art and Architecture in Spain, ongoing this semester. Dr. Reyes planned the logistics of travel around Spain.  Students received lectures on the artistic and architectural sites we visited in Madrid, Segovia and Toledo, as well as on the cultural practices of Spain. 


  • Margaret Gannon, I.H.M, Ph.D., Professor, Social Sciences Department, and John Michel Southwick, I.H.M., M.S., M.A., Lecturer I, Psychology Department, accompanied nine students to the Mexican/US border for a Spring Break immersion experience. Based in Tijuana, Mexico, and led by a coordinator from the organization Global Exchange, the group studied the issues of immigration, human rights and the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement, from February 27 to March 6.


  • Deborah Hokien, Ph.D., Associate Professor, and Jay Clymer, III, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Science Department, had an article accepted for publication in the June issue of the Journal of Freshwater Ecology. The title of the article is "Nitrate and Phosphate Concentrations in Three Mesotrophic Lakes with Different Boat Propulsion Restrictions."


  • Laurie McMillan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English Department, had an essay entitled "Purposeful Production: Using Film Analogies to Increase Student Agency in the Composition Classroom," accepted for inclusion in Negotiating a Meta-Pedagogy: Learning from Other Disciplines, ed. Emily Golson and Toni Glover. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 56-70.   In addition, her co authored article, "Feminist Faculty Negotiate the Land of Both/And" was published in Studies In The Humanities (Dec 2009).


  • Kathleen Munley, Ph.D., Professor, Social Sciences Department, advises eight students in the Phi Alpha Theta history honor society.  They will be presenting papers at the Regional conference of Phi Alpha Theta at Bloomsburg University on March 27th.  Alexandru I. Vari, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Social Sciences Department, will accompany the students and moderate a session. 


  • Erin A. Sadlack, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, English Department, had an article "Epistolary Negotiations:  Mary the French Queen and the Politics of Letter-Writing" accepted by the Sixteenth Century Journal. 


  • Mary Ann Zimmer, Ph.D., N.D., Assistant Professor, Religious Studies Department, has had her book, Mary 101: Tradition and Influence, published by Liguori Publications.  In addition, Sr. Zimmer had a paper entitled "Interrupting the Conversation: Attending to Concrete Acts as Mystical-Political Asceticism" accepted for presentation at the National College Theology Society Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, June, 2010. In addition, Dr. Zimmer was interviewed on March 10th on the Busted Halo Show with Father Dave Dwyer on Sirius Radio about her book, Mary 101: Tradition and Influence.  She also took listener questions about Catholic belief about Mary.



Graduate from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

  • Lauren E. Tyrrell, English Department Graduate, 2009, had part of her Honor's Thesis, entitled "Excuse My Excess," published in a peer-reviewed online journal Xchanges 6.1 (2010). Lauren Tyrrell also had her essay on The Gilmore Girls published in the Norton Pocket Book of Student Writing entitled "Gilmore Girls: A Girl-Power Gimmick." Lauren wrote the paper for English 485: Writing & Cultural Studies and revised it to present at the Pennsylvania College English Association conference before submitting it to this new anthology.