Faculty News

Published on Thu, January 07, 2010

Marywood Faculty News:

Steven Alexander, Associate Professor of Art, will present a one-person exhibition of recent large scale paintings at Gremillion and Company Fine Art in Houston, Texas. The exhibition will be on display from January 21 through February 21 and will be accompanied by a full-color catalogue.

Lloyd L. Lyter, Professor of Social Work, will present DSM IV TR: The Substance Related Disorders at the Pennsylvania Certification Board Annual Conference, Harrisburg, PA, in April.
 In addition, Dr. Lyter will present Criticality of Alcohol Screening Tools for Social Workers in all Practice Settings at the National Association of Social Work New Jersey Annual Conference in May. Along with Sharon C. Lyter, Ph.D., he will also present Social Work Practice and the DSM: Ethical Implications at the conference.
At the CMSU (Columbia, Montour, Snyder, Union) Annual Conference, Dr. Lyter will present the keynote address, More Than One Road to Recovery.

Sister Joan McCusker, IHM, Associate Professor of Music Education, was a guest clinician for Wyoming Valley West (PA) School District's Act 48 professional in-service day. Area music K-12 teachers attended the afternoon presentation entitled, State of the Art(s): Current Issues for Arts Education Programs. She also was guest clinician for a music/choir workshop, Preparing Children for Parish Music Ministry Roles. Children (ages 8-18) from three parishes in the Endicott-Johnson/Vestal (NY) region attended the all-day liturgical music workshop, culminating in a choir performance during the evening's church service.

James Smoliga, DVM, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology, had a book chapter regarding grapeskin polyphenols published. The chapter, "Potential Benefits of Resveratrol Supplementation for Optimizing Health and Preventing Chronic Disease," was in the R. Klatz and R. Goldman (Eds.), Anti-Aging Therapeutics, Volume XI, published by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Smoliga, also published an article, "Reliability and Precision of EMG in Leg, Torso, and Arm Muscles During Running," in the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology. He coauthored a publication, "Effects of Warming-Up on Physical Performance: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis," in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. He also presented "Relationships between Changes in Electromyographic and Kinematic Variables of the Legs and Arms During Exhaustive Running" at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting in Seattle. At the meeting, Dr. Smoliga also coauthored presentations that include "Warm-up And Physical Performance: What Is The Relationship? A Systematic Review with Meta Analysis and Bilateral Differences In EMG Responses During Submaximal Arm Ergometry."  Additionally, Dr. Smoligia chaired two sessions, "Energy Balance and Weight Control" and "Endurance Training and Performance" at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting.

At the Mid- Atlantic Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting in Harrisburg, Dr. Smoliga presented "Quantification of Pacing Strategies in a Six-Minute Cycling Work Accumulation Test" and coauthored presentations, including "Intensity and Duration of Sub-Maximal Cycling Prior to a 6-minute Work Accumulation Cycling Test."

Differences in Physical Activity Patterns between Older and Younger Adults, and What Is The Relationship? A Systematic Review With Meta Analysis. https://mail.google.com/a/maryu.marywood.edu/images/cleardot.gif

Additionally, Dr. Smoliga, published an article, "High-Altitude Training for Distance Runners", in Track Coach Magazine and has been invited to serve as a Program Development Assistant in preparing for the 2010 American College of Sports Medicine's Annual Meeting.

Sophie Till, Violin Faculty in the Music, Theatre, and Dance Department, appeared on a health report on playing injuries on the New Jersey PBS news, NJ. It highlighted her work with Edna Golandsky at the Golandsky Institute's International Summer Symposium at Princeton University. She also presented a workshop, "The Taubman/Golandsky Approach to the Violi" and was a featured performer in the Gala Concert at the Waverly Community House when they celebrated the 45 anniversary of the F. Lammot Belin Arts Scholarship. In addition, Ms. Till has been invited to perform with a small group of British artists who have received instruments through the Stradivari Trust at Cambridge University, U.K, in June.  The Stradivari Trust, which enables artists to acquire world class string instruments, celebrates with a special concert at the Cambridge University Concert Hall.

Stephanie Wise, Art Therapy Clinical Assistant Professor, will present "Understanding our Ethical Process: How Healthy Boundaries and Best Practices are Maintained"at The Internationalization of the Creative Arts in Therapy Conference, LaSalle College, Singapore in January. She will also run a master-class, "Clinical Exploration of Trauma Work within the Creative Arts Framework" and  an international panelist for the event on the topic of "International Creative Arts in Therapy." Represented at this conference will be persons from North America, Europe, Pacific Rim, Thailand, India, Singapore and the Middle East.