Inaugural Exhibit in the New School of Architecture

Published on Thu, November 05, 2009

Today through November 23, Marywood University will exhibit Speculations: Drawing out Possibilities in Architecture in the Architecture Gallery, Center for Architectural Studies.

There will be a lecture by Alessandro Ayuso, adjunct architecture faculty member and partner at MAKE Design in New York City on November 11 at 7p.m. preceding the opening reception at 8p.m. in the Architecture Gallery.

Speculations: Drawing out Possibilities in Architecture, an exhibition that brackets two points in architect Alessandro Ayuso's career: work done at Virginia Tech's College of Architecture and Design and collaborative work with the G_S_Squad and MAKE Design in New York City.

The exhibit focuses on process in architecture. It was conceived not only as a didactic tool for the inaugural class of in the School of Architecture, but also as a way to address larger questions and possibilities of the spatial representation of built environments, digital and analog media, and urban design and planning. The pieces come from work on five unbuilt projects and include sketches, architec­tural drawings, collages, models, presentation boards, and projections.