Professional Achievement: Dr. Dawoody Presents at International Conference

Published on Wed, October 21, 2009

Dr. Alexander Dawoody, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration, presented a research paper titled "Mutual Causality and the Global Economic Crisis" at the 19th Annual International Conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences, which was held at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Dr. Dawoody also  presented two research papers, "Teaching Public Budgeting as an Adaptive Complex System" and "Observing No Child Left Behind and a Complex Response to Funding Public Education" (Dr. Dawoody was a moderator on this panel), at the National Conference of the American Society for Public Administration. In addition, he presented research, "Undoing Bush's Middle East Policy," at the Faculty Development Seminar sponsored by the Institute for Public Policy & Economic Development. Dr. Dawoody also was the Keynote Speaker at the Annual Dinner of Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society, where he presented "The Butterfly Effect" and was the recipient of the society's induction award.

Dr. Dawoody's Public Policy Analysis graduate class performed in a play, The Trial of Dwight Waldo. Each student took on the role of an historic figure in public policy to demonstrate, through dialogue and discussions, the interrelatedness of concepts and theories that contribute to the making of our regime value and practice. Characters included Adam Smith, Dwight Waldo, Freddotcmsdbuser Taylor, John Locke, Louis Brownlow, Leonard White, Machiavelli, Herbert Simon, and Thomas Hobbes. The play took place at the Center for Natural and Health Sciences and was written by Dr. Alexander Dawoody. The play was published previously in the Journal of Public Voices of Rutgers University.