Professor Ramachandra Publishes Research on Communication Sciences and Disorders

Published on Mon, October 19, 2009

Vijayachandra Ramachandra, Assistant Professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders, has published "Whether Mirror Neurons Play a Significant Role In Processing Affective Prosody" in the journal, Perceptual and Motor Skills. He also published "Fast Mapping in Healthy Young Adults: The Influence of Metamemory" in Journal of Psycholinguistic Research with co-authors Bryna Rickenbach; Marissa Ruda; Bethanie Le Cureux (Marywood C.S.D. alumna), Moira Pope (Marywood C.S.D. graduate student).

In addition, Vijayachandra Ramachandra will present "Metamemory, Phonological Memory, and Word Relearning in People with Aphasia: A Preliminary Investigation" with Marywood students, Jillian Jones, Kimberly Flanagan, Nicholas Bollinger, and Morgan Reilly at the Academy of Aphasia 47th Annual Meeting on Oct. 18-20.