Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Awards Grant to Prevent Underage Drinking

Published on Fri, July 17, 2009

Marywood University was awarded a $11,350 grant from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to continue to support initiatives aimed at preventing underage drinking. Marywood was one of the 73 community, education, and law enforcement groups to receive the grant.

As a recipient of this grant for the past ten years, Marywood University has educated and promoted the dangers of high-risk drinking in the student body and in the local community. Barbara Decker, Assistant Director of the Counseling Center at Marywood University will be the Project Coordinator of the PLCB Grant.

This year, Marywood will continue its social norms marketing campaign with a goal of exposing the students to the normative reality of reported drinking behaviors.The direction of this campaign has been influenced by the evaluative data gathered in the 2008 Spring semester CORE survey. (Results from the 2008 CORE survey suggest that the programs have played a positive impact on student life. Forty-seven percent of students have indicated awareness of alcohol programs on campus, from 34 percent in 2005.)

In addition, Marywood will implement the CORE survey in spring 2010 to generate fresh data for use in future programming and will continue the Curriculum Infusion (CI) Program, which involves 12 newly trained faculty members, who incorporate alcohol education into their various academic courses. (In the previous four years, 28 other faculty members participated in Curriculum Infusion.)

Finally, Marywood University will continue its alcohol abuse prevention efforts in all the freshmen seminars, using the alcohol risk-reduction program CHOICES and a socio-drama video production on the effects of binge drinking.