Naturex Inc. Awards Marywood Professor $155,000 Grant for Research

Published on Fri, March 13, 2009

Dr. James Smoliga, Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology, College of Health and Human Services, was awarded a research contract with Naturex, Inc. for $155,000 to study the effects of polyphenol supplementation on oxidative stress and physiologic performance in endurance athletes. The study is part of an ongoing collaboration between Dr. Smoliga and Joe Maroon, M.D., Pittsburgh Steelers neurosurgeon. Research will be conducted in the Human Physiology Lab, Marywood University, under the direction of Kenneth W. Rundell, Ph.D., FACSM, Professor of Health Science and Director of Respiratory Research and the Human Physiology Laboratory.

The research includes examining the effects of a supplement on human performance and physiology. The supplements, made entirely from grapeskins, are very rich in polyphenols (antioxidants) and have been shown to improve longevity and exercise performance. They will also study blood oxygen levels, cardiac function, electrical activity of the muscles during exercise, and noting the effects the supplement has on these factors. Additionally, studies will be conducted on the levels of inflammatory and stress markers in the blood.

The research will take approximately 4-6 months to complete.

Last fall, Dr. James Smoliga presented Science of Hypobaric Training at the Annual Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Naturex develops, manufactures and markets natural ingredients for the food, dietary supplement and nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Headquartered in Avignon, France, the group employs 550 people and has an international reach, with over 90% of its sales generated in 30 different countries outside France, 60% of which in North America. Naturex has production facilities in France, Morocco, the United States and Italy, a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, and a representative office in Singapore.