Marywood University Students Partner with Mall at Steamtown for Learning Laboratory

Published on Mon, December 15, 2008

Marywood University undergraduate marketing students partnered with the Mall at Steamtown to use their venues as hands-on learning laboratories.

James Walsh, Attorney and Vice President of Prizm Property Management at the Mall at Steamtown and Art Levandoski, Marketing Director, were among the few to speak with the students. Topics included management and marketing strategies within the retail sector.

Marywood University is one of the first local universities to start this program. The objective of this program is for the student's to use the Mall at Steamtown's venues to learn about the industry on-site rather than in a classroom setting. This innovative program allows for professors to teach classes using concrete examples. Students can observe traffic patterns, customer service skills, visual merchandising, and have the opportunity to speak with managers, sales associates, and buyers.