Grants to Support New Research and Technologies Awarded to Marywood University

Published on Wed, November 12, 2008

Marywood University's Science Department was awarded $200,000 to support a new biotechnology faculty research position and to provide new opportunities in advanced technology. This grant was funded by the Keystone Innovation Starter Kit (KISK) program.

The funds received from this grant will support the research efforts of faculty and graduate students in the Biotechnology Master's program. In addition, Marywood University hired an Assistant Professor in Biology, Dr. Sameera Sayeed from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Sayeed will begin researching new initiatives, creating new industry partnerships in the local area, and provide input on the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment.

In addition, Marywood University was awarded $150,000 to create new technologies and business opportunities, in collaboration with the 13 college and university members of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Technology Institute. The grant encourages technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property between Pennsylvania's technology-orientated businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition, the KIG grant will allow faculty to conduct marketing analysis, prototyping, patent research and filing, intellectual property, licensing, and royalty agreements.