COVID-19 Dashboard

Campus Metrics Summary for Jan. 11th through Jan. 17th*

Report of Active Cases of COVID-19 on Campus

During the fall 2020 semester the University instituted a practice to provide weekly updates about active cases of COVID-19 on campus. At this time we will continue to report staff numbers and resume reporting on student cases when we welcome students back to campus for the Spring semester.

One employee reported testing positive. (includes lab confirmed and probable cases)

Number of tests reported: 5

Reported Positive Employee Cases: 1

Employees in Quarantine/Isolation: 8

Employees meeting criteria to discontinue quarantine/isolation: 8

Negative Employee Tests: 4

Total of Reported Positive cases since 8/24/2020 (includes lab confirmed and probable positive cases)

Employees: 16

Students: 73 (as determined by reporting up to and including Jan. 10, 2020)

*Note: Information provided reflects activity within a given week. Because the general timeframe for isolation (10 days) and quarantine (14 days) overlaps with weekly reporting, numbers between weeks will differ