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Jazz Ambassadors Receive Top Awards at Pocono Jazz & Wine Festival

Six Jazz Ambassador's recently competed and performed at the Jazz Idol Competition. The students earned spots performing at the Jazz & Wine Festival in the Poconos and other soloist awards.

Brass Celebration Clinic

A brass celebration clinic will take place on May 7, for all ages.

Professional Continuing Education Therapy Workshop to be Held

Are you a clinical practitioner, addiction counselor, certified case manager, psychologist, educator, or social worker? If so, then the "Brief Therapy Practices and Lifestyle Changes to Enhance Recovery" workshop on June 9, is for you.

Alumnus Inspires Students to Find Their Own Path

Alumnus, Myatt Murphy, spends a day assisting with writing workshops and teaching writing and journalism classes at his Alma Mater.

Dance into Spring with performance and classes

The music, theatre and dance department will host a daylong "Dance into Spring" event on May 6.

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