Minor Specializations

Minor in Music (18 cr.)

Designed for students wishing to combine their aptitude for music with a major in another area.  Course numbers, titles, and credits are listed below. A total of 18 credits is required.

MUSC 111A & 112A
Written Theory I & Aural Skills I
MUSC 115A, B Conducting I 2
MUSC 120A, B Fundamental Vocal Tech 2
MUSC 322, 323 History of Music I, II 3
MUSC varies Applied Music 4
MUSC varies Electives (2 electives should be in ensemble) 4

Minor in Theatre (18 cr.)

To compliment an academic major or to provide student enrichment, the theatre minor offers students a variety of experiences as actors, set designers and technical crew, and broader contexts for theatre arts. A total of 18 credits is required.

THEA 230A or B
Theatre Lab
Stage Management 2
THEA 330A or B
Theatre Lab
THEA 341
Theatre History 2
THEA 342A Tragedy in Dramatic Lit
THEA 342B Comedy in Dramatic Lit
THEA 347
Fundamentals of Directing
THEA 403A or B
Theatre Lab 1

PLUS: choose two (2) form the following three courses below:

Scenic Design
Lighting and Sound Design
Costuming and Make-Up 2

Minor in Dance

The dance minor develops techniques and competencies in the body as an instrument of expression. The minor addresses the need to develop aesthetic principles for music and theatre majors, as well as students in other degree programs across the University. A total of 18 credits is required.

DANC 140
Fundamentals of Dance/Movement 3
DANC 141*
Body Awareness (must enroll in 141Lab)
Body Awareness Lab
DANC 142
Fundamentals of Improv/Choreography
DANC 143A or B Ensemble
DANC varies**
DANC Tech 6

* Some majors (e.g., psychology, early childhood, special ed) require course substitution of Body Awareness with Kinesiology, which has prerequisite of two science courses applied to liberal arts requirements.

** Students take 6 credits of dance technique. Course offerings include: ballet, jazz, modern dance, tap, stage combat, hip-hop, and special topics.

Undeclared Major with an Interest in Music

Students undecided about a major field of study or who do not meet admission standards of the desired major at the time of admission will be categorized as Undeclared.

Undeclared status may be given as a result of combined SAT math/reading score of less than 970 for an incoming Freshman wishing to major in music education, a grade point average of less than 3.0 for an incoming transfer student. Undeclared status is not a major, and students cannot receive a degree in this category. It is advisable for students to declare a major early in the university experience. First year students should declare a major by the completion of 32 credits or the end of first year. Transfer students should declare a major by the completion of 16 Marywood credits.

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