• Only 18 credits! 
  • Take courses in a variety of writing skills
  • Compliment any major 
  • Intership opportunities

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Bill Conlogue, Ph.D.
19th and 20th Century American Literature
Erin Sadlack, Ph.D.
Medieval and Early Modern British Literature, Women's Studies, and Rhetoric and Composition
Ann Bush, Ph.D.
Nature Literature, British and American Poetry, British and American Romanticism, Writing, Ethnic Literature, and Women's Literature
Sr. Christine Mihelich, I.H.M., Ph.D.
18th Century Fiction and Catholic Writers
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I am where I am today because of everyone at Marywood.

In 2012, I earned a bachelor’s degree in English with a double minor in Broadcast Communications and Journalism. Leaving college, I thought I would become the next David Muir.  But instead of a pen as my instrument of choice, it became a camera.  As much as I like hearing and telling stories during the writing process, I believe visual storytelling enhances the writing of the story. In the end, with both of those elements, you have quite a product.

I am a photojournalist and producer at WNEP-TV in northeastern Pennsylvania.   As a producer, I am in charge of everything you see during a newscast from order and presentation of the story to the graphics, scripts, and timing of the newscast.

And how did Marywood help me achieve success? Small class sizes are a definite with one-on-one assistance and professors engaging with students. The full-time faculty teach the foundations of the craft while the adjunct professors give a perspective of how it is once you leave college and enter the real world.  

The many media platforms available on campus are beneficial for students who want to dive in and gain experience. From a school newspaper that is rising to new heights of success, an award-winning radio station, and televised events run by students, Marywood has the tools to help you succeed. Once I stepped into my field, I was properly trained to be the best storyteller I could be.

I am where I am today because of everyone at Marywood.

Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

  • Official SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

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Writing Minor

The English Department offers an 18 credit minor in Writing. In addition to English 160, students are required to complete any five of the following courses.

ENGL 450 Writing for the Social Sciences
ENGL 460 Creative Writing
ENGL 470 Business and Technical Writing
ENGL 475 Composition Theory and Practice
ENGL 480 Advanced Writing
ENGL 484 Political Writing and Rhetoric
ENGL 485 Writing and Cultural Studies
ENGL 490 Feminist Writing and Rhetoric
ENGL XXXW A writing-intensive literature course
ENGL 451 Internship

English 160 Composition and Rhetoric is the prerequisite for the internship and all upper-division writing courses. The upper-division courses may be taken in any sequence.

All majors are required to consult either the chairperson or their advisors prior to registration each semester. The responsibility of fulfilling the department’s requirements, however, rests with the student.

Additionally: Education majors, Secondary and Elementary, must consult with Marywood’s Department of Education in order to fulfill the education sequence and QPA requirements in an orderly and accurate manner.

In order for the English Department to recommend a major for graduation, 50 percent of the student’s English courses must have been taken at Marywood with a minimum QPA of 2.33 in the major.