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  • Exposure to diverse cultures & people
  • 18 credit minor program

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Alice S. Reyes, M.S.
Specializes in foreign language pedagogy.

José E. Reyes, Ph.D.,C.M.F.C.
Specializes in Spanish Middle Ages and Medieval Spanish Literature.

Ann Cerminaro-Costanzi, Ph.D.
Specializes in the poetry of the Spanish generation of 1927, particularly that of Vicente Aleixandre and Federico García Lorca.
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Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

  • Official SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

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French Major

A student must take 33 semester hours of French language courses selected from among the following for a major. Students should consult the following list of required (*) and elective (**) courses:

* FREN 211-212 Intermediate French
* FREN 221-222 French Language and Culture
* FREN 275-276 Conversational French — Second Level
** FREN 302-303 Introduction to French Literature
** FREN 306-307 French Cinema and Culture
** FREN 311-312 Readings in French Literature
** FREN 333-334 French Civilization
** FREN 337 Commercial French
FREN 499 Independent Study in French

French Language courses may be studied abroad.

K-­12 Certification in Spanish, French

The major in Spanish or French Education requires 30 semester hours, exclud­ing 101 and 102 for students seeking K-­12 educational certification in either lan­guage. In addition to these 30 hours all education students must complete ENGL 400, Structure of Linguistics. Please note that the curriculum requirements leading to certification are subject to change, based on guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

French and Spanish Education majors must consult and adhere to the Educa­tion Department requirements regarding coursework, admission and retention crite­ria. Elementary education students who wish to concentrate in French or Spanish and students seeking certification in a second language must complete 18 semester hours in language exclusive of 101 and 102. The sequence of courses must be approved by the Foreign Language chairperson.

Advanced courses in French and Spanish are offered in rotation according to student need.

Transfer students at the junior level who are Foreign Language majors are required to take a minimum of 15 foreign language credits at Marywood.

Minor Programs, French or Spanish

Increasing numbers of students are opting to minor in French or Spanish as they realize the practical career advantage of combining language study with their major field. Students who choose to minor in French or Spanish may select courses in conversation, culture, literature, and film, as well as courses that service specific career interests.

Minor in French (18 credit)

This minor program in French should include:

**FREN 211-212 Intermediate French
FREN 221-222 French Language and Culture
FREN 275-276 Conversational French
FREN 302-303 Introduction to French Literature 3,3