Art History


  • Minor for art students, teachers, interested persons
  • Visit museums & galleries in New York & Philadelphia
  • 18 credit requirement

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I moved across the globe to Dubai, served as photo editor for Cosmopolitan Middle East, and currently work as a freelance photo editor for various magazines.

After working at Marie Claire & Shape Magazine in New York City for four years, I moved across the globe to Dubai where I served as photo editor for the iconic Cosmopolitan Middle East, the bestselling woman's magazine in the GCC.  I'm currently a freelance photo editor for various magazines.

As photo editor of a magazine, I am responsible for finding the images seen throughout the magazine.  I also direct the photo shoots, working with the photographer and the subjects, to make sure we always get the perfect image. 

Working and living in the Middle East is not as scary as most American’s might envision. I have met some of the most intellectual people, live a very comfortable life, and have the ability to travel very easily. Dubai has become a hub in the region within the last 10 years. As a bonus, it has been great to learn about the Islamic and Arabic culture that surrounds me, while still interacting with a lot of expats who are just like me.

Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

  • Official SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

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An Art History minor is open to all undergraduate students regardless of the major field of study. ART 113, ART 114 and ART 218 are required, in sequence. Nine additional credit hours of art history will be selected to complete the minor. Seniors may be eligible to take advantage of Marywood’s post-graduate program in art by registering for graduate level Art History courses. Students should consult with Art History professors to tailor their programs to their specific needs and to assure sufficient breadth in Western, non-Western, and ancient to contemporary art areas. For students interested in pursuing graduate work or careers in art history, special emphasis will also be placed on adequate course preparation in languages, history, and enhanced writing skills.