MFA Student Testimonials

Mercurio Self Portrait

Dawn Mercurio

"My favorite project was the autobiographic project. I liked that it offered limitless mediums, creativity and a narrative. It got away from all the marketing/manufacturing aspects of a commercial assignment. As a designer, it forced me to approach a daunting area of illustration both conceptually and technically. The Marywood MFA program emphasizes education for working professionals – a self-managed workload, intimate group atmosphere, and insights gained through traveling and meeting people. Other four-year MFA programs in my area could never offer these experiences."

Tomlynn's Photo

Tomlynn Biondo

"I really love the fact that the majority of the program was completed on our own time.  We all have crazy lives! This program is perfect for a tight schedule.  I wouldn't have been able to enroll somewhere full schedule just does not permit that.  Marywood's Get your Master's with the Masters Program works for busy artists!"

Potteiger Art Sample

Curt Potteiger

"My favorite part of the program was my classmates  (although making clay characters with Liz Lomax was cool)."

Melissa's Photo

Melissa Gruntkosky

"The Marywood program filled me with a surge of inspiration. From the study tours in NYC and Boston to the residency at Marywood during the summer, I had access to so many amazing artists, designers, and illustrators (both the instructors and my fellow students) who inspired me to push my creative work in a direction I never imagined. My personal and creative growth far surpassed my expectations. I have an incredible set of new skills I can use both in the classroom and in my design and letterpress business."

Hunter Self Portrait

Chad Hunter

"...the encouragement and directed exploration helped me the most."

Joseph Schwartz

"I think that the inherent value in the Marywood program that ranks it above other similar MFA programs is the access that it provides to industry luminaries that the students would not normally have access to. Meeting these creative professionals up close is a unique learning experience that far surpasses those found at conferences or through reading someone else’s reflections and interviews. It’s a true all-access pass to design and illustration that is made possible by the program’s directors and their vision for what a 21st century MFA program should entail."

Helene Parnell

"It has been a great experience. The best part has been getting to know all the great people in the program."

Christina Galbiati

"What I enjoyed most about the MFA program is the enthusiasm and individualized instruction, which allows a designer to pursue their passion."

Ed Kahler

"What I enjoyed most was the interaction with illustrators and designers that before this program I had only read about or seen in magazines. To meet them and listen to their views on their art was something I will remember always."

Colleen Motetz

"I enjoyed the 'Outside of the Box' the best! It gave us the opportunity to delve into what interest us as individuals.  (I think many projects are open enough to let us show our individual talents and interests). I was able to utilize my fashion side in illustration and fashion design."

Eber Gordon

"From the beginning of the program the administrative staff and faculty made me feel confident about my pursuit of my degree. The experience was not only very challenging it was also beneficial to my career and me personally as well. The course projects provide a reinvention of my personal creative skills and creative thinking process. I have and will continue to recommend this program to anyone who is serious about pursuing their masters in graphic design. This said I am very glad that I chose Marywood and what I have accomplished this coming from the oldest person in the program at this time. Thank you for the help guidance and encouragement."