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Tony Palladino
New York

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Tony Palladino  has worked at advertising agencies as a Creative Director, and independently for corporations. He is in The Art Directors Hall of Fame, and his work is in various museum collections including MoMA. He was the recipient of the SVA Master Series Award in 1999 .

"I was born in New York City’s East Harlem to Italian parents who convinced me that I was a gifted kid.

I’ve worked at advertising agencies as a Creative Director, and independently for corporations using my ability to draw
and paint and think - selling my art too – to individuals and corporations.

I’ve consulted to ad agencies and have been teaching at the School of Visual Arts for about 30 years.

I’m in The Art Directors Hall of Fame, the Permanent Collection of various museums including MoMA.
I’m proud to be the recipient of the 1999 SVA Master Series Award and was then given two 1st prizes from the National 
Publications Association for the show and the design of the invitation and poster for that show.

“I draw what is closest to my emotions, knowledge and visual experience. Enjoy yourself. If you don’t see it here,
it’s in your world.” (Palladino) 

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