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Dian Friedman

New York

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Dian Friedman is a leading painter whose commissioned portraits have included General Charles de Gaulle, President Eisenhower, Ralph Lauren and Pope John Paul II. She is also one of America's top sports illustrators.

Dian R. Friedman, formerly of Old Westbury, Long Island, lives in New York City. She was graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Dian entered the university as a pre-med student and majored in science, but largely through the influence of Dr. M. Peter Piening, changed her course of study to art.

The pre-med courses gave Dian a vital understanding of the structure of the human form at a time when such knowledge was often de-emphasized in art schools. Her mastery of the art of figure drawing and portraiture enables her to convey vividly, the physical movement and emotional expressiveness of her subjects.

Eschewing abstraction, she uses her vigorous searching line to capture the body in motion and the soul at rest. Whether depicting the graceful power of an overhead smash in tennis, or the mystery of an introspective mood, Dian finds the essence of her subject in imagery, which excites and moves the viewer.

She works mostly in the traditional mediums of charcoal, graphite, chalk, oils, and watercolors, which she mixes freely on a variety of surfaces, including linen, masonite, corrugated board and paper, as well as in fresco. This is a technique which suggests the Florentine Renaissance influence evident in her drawing and use of earth tones.