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Photo of Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz is an American cartoonist, illustrator and writer. His award-winning works are Xenozoic Tales series and SubHuman, The Stuff of Life, a Graphic Guide  to Genetics and DNA. He has scripted or drawn many popular fiction icons and illustrated a collection of Robert E. Howard’s classic Conan stories. Currently, he writes Prince Valiant for the newspapers and works on his illustrated novella Storms at Sea.

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

With concentrations in graphic design and illustration, this program is designed for working artists who wish to earn their MFA while continuing their full-time occupations. The program is supported by accomplished, professional faculty, visiting artists of acclaim, impressive exhibit offerings, and excellent academic and technical resources. There are opportunities for museum research and study tours designed to provide experiences of breadth and depth for matriculating graduate students.

Children's Book Track

Students in our MFA program may pursue the optional children’s book track, which begins the first year, culminates with an intensive week-long workshop the second, and feedback on your book continues right through graduation.