Mathematics & Computer Science: 2013 Math Contest Results

2018 High School Math Contest Results

We are glad to announce the winners of this year's Marywood High School Math Contest.  Thanks to all the students, teachers, and parents.  Your continued support will always be appreciated.  

Congratulations to all the students.  Please remember that this is not a regular math test, but a contest, designed to be very challenging (and hopefully fun as well).

Each of the top 3 scorers in each level will receive the cash prize as well as an award certificate. The other top 10 scorers in each level will receive an award certificate.

Mu Alpha Theta and the Integrated Math and Science Club (IMACS, is a student club at Marywood) sponsored our contest again this year. Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society. We would like to thank Mu Alpha Theta for their continued support.

Level I Top 10 Scores

(57 students took the Level I test)

Rank Score Name School
1 33 Kailey B. Scranton Preparatory
2 32 Danica D. Scranton Preparatory
3 31 Dustin H. Delaware Valley
4 30 Timothy L. Delaware Valley
4 30 Virginia Y. Delaware Valley
5 28 Logan C. Wyoming Valley West
6 27 Hana B. Crestwood
6 27 Dylan N. Wyoming Valley West
7 26 John B. Delaware Valley
7 26 Mary L. Delaware Valley
8 25 Dominic D. Delaware Valley
8 25 Louis D. MMI Preparatory
9 24 Benjamin P. MMI Preparatory
10 23 Dominic M. Honesdale High School
10 23 Darrn Z. MMI Preparatory


Level II Top 10 Scores

(28 students took the Level II test)

Rank Score Name School
1 39 Zach H. North Pocono
2 31 Esther L. Delaware Valley
3 29 Rocco P. Pocono Mountain East
3 29 Charles K. Scranton Prep
4 28 Cuong N. Scranton Prep
5 24 Will T. North Pocono
5 24 Alexander L. Pocono Mountain East
6 23 Maria F. D. Delaware Valley
6 23 Michael O. Pocono Mountain East
7 22 Melissa K. Delaware Valley
8 21 Mark C. North Pocono
8 21 Ryan S. Scranton High School
9 20 Christian S. Delaware Valley
9 20 Mike P. North Pocono
10 19 Heather Q. Delaware Valley
10 19 Billy B. Honesdale High School
10 19 Kuntal P. Scranton High School
10 19 Jonathan Y. Scranton High School
10 19 Patrick D. Scranton Preparatory