Mathematics & Computer Science: 2015 Math Contest Results

Josh Carey

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Class of 2015

I am enrolled in a PhD program at Binghamton University. Marywood gave me a well-rounded education and I was given every opportunity to explore the depth and beauty of mathematics.

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2015 High School Math Contest Results

We are glad to announce the winners of this year's Marywood High School Math Contest. Thanks to all the students, teachers, and parents. Your continued support will always be appreciated.

Congratulations to all the students. Please remember that this is not a regular math test, but a contest, designed to be very challenging (and hopefully fun as well). The mean for the level I test was 21.4 and the mean for the level II test was 19.2.

Each of the top 3 scorers in each level will receive the cash prize as well as an award certificate. The other top 10 scorers, and the top scorers at each school that has more than one contestant in each level will receive an award certificate.

Mu Alpha Theta sponsored our contest again this year. Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society. We would like to thank Mu Alpha Theta for their continued support.

2014 contest results

Level I Top 10 Scores

Rank Score Name School
1 36 Ani C. MMI Prep
2 35 Ethan R. Abington Heights HS
3 34 Ali A. MMI Prep
3 34 Ty N. Lakeland Jr./Sr. HS
5 33 Joseph S. Delaware Valley HS
5 33 Tony Z. North Pocono HS
7 32 Zack H. North Pocono HS
8 31 Andrew F. Wyoming Valley West
8 31 Alexandra S. Abington Heights HS
10 30 Gregory B. Scranton Prep
10 30 Alex B. Wyoming Valley West
10 30 Jonathan J. North Pocono HS
10 30 Erik T. Crestwood HS

Level I Top Scorers at Each School

School Name
Abington Heights Ethan T.
Berwick Roopesh K.
Coughlin Sarah K.
Crestwood Erik T.
Delaware Valley Joseph S.
Honesdale Christian K.
Lakeland Ty N.
Meyers Amelia H.
MMI Prep Ani C.
North Pocono Tony Z.
Scranton HS Jaycee P.
Scranton Prep Gregory B.
Wallenpaupack Giulianna I.
Weatherly Richard G.
Wyoming Area Austen A..
Wyoming Seminary Ethan T.
Wyoming Valley West Andrew F.

Level II Top 10 Scores

Rank Score Name School
1 38 Connor M. Wyoming Seminary
2 34 Ziyan F. Wyoming Seminary
3 33 Yueqi G. Wyoming Seminary
3 33 Kevin H. Abington Heights HS
5 30 Cathy L. Delaware Valley
6 29 Michael W. Abington Heights HS
7 28 Josh T. North Pocono HS
8 26 Miles H. Meyers HS
8 26 Eli W. Crestwood HS
10 25 Gerard F. Scranton Prep
10 25 Hoang H. Scranton HS
10 25 Saimun S. Delaware Valley HS

Level II Top Scorers at Each School

School Name
Abington Heights Kevin H.
Berwick Joshua D.
Coughlin Robert A.
Crestwood Eli W.
Delaware Valley Cathy L.
Honesdale Donald M.
Lakeland Graeme N.
Meyers Milds H.
MMI Prep Jay S.
North Pocono Josh T.
Scranton Hoang H.
Scranton Prep Gerard F.
Wyoming Area Justin P.
Wyoming Seminary Connor M.
Wyoming Valley West James D.