Mathematics & Computer Science: 2014 Math Contest Results

Sarah A. Yeust

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Class of 2013

I am currently a secondary mathematics teacher in the Blue Ridge School District. Attending Marywood University for my Mathematics/Secondary Education degree was an excellent decision. The friendships formed, as well as the small class size and personal attention, enriched my learning and made for a memorable four years!”

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2014 High School Math Contest Results

We are glad to announce the winners of this year's Marywood High School Math Contest. Thanks to all the students, teachers, and parents. Your continued support will always be appreciated.

Congratulations to all the students. Please remember that this is not a regular math test, but a contest, designed to be very challenging (and hopefully fun as well). The mean for the level I test was 16.8 and the mean for the level II test was 17.6.

Each of the top 3 scorers in each level will receive the cash prize as well as an award certificate. The other top 10 scorers, and the top scorers at each school that has more than one contestant in each level will receive an award certificate.

As was announced to the teachers previously, Mu Alpha Theta sponsored our contest this year. Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society. A $50 cash prize is awarded to the first place winner of each level, and the top three winners in Level II will also receive a copy of the powerful CAS software Mathematica. We would like to thank Mu Alpha Theta for their support.

2013 contest results

Level I Top 10 Scores

Rank Score Name School
1 36 Ani C. MMI Prep
2 34 Roy P. Wyoming Seminary
3 32 Yueqi G. Wyoming Seminary
3 32 Connor M. Wyoming Seminary
5 31 Spencer Y. Berwick
5 31 Saimun S. Delaware Valley
7 28 Ali A. MMI Prep
8 27 Graham N. Lakeland
9 26 Ty N. Lakeland
9 26 Goki G. Scranton Prep

Level I Top Scorers at Each School

School Name
Abington Heights Claire T. and Sidney T.
Berwick Spencer Y.
Crestwood Kylee L.
Delaware Valley Saimun S.
Honesdale Sabrina W.
Lakeland Graham N.
Meyers Amelia H.
MMI Prep Ani C.
North Pocono Kyle Y.
Pius X Kyle B.
Scranton Sajad D.
Scranton Prep Goki G.
Susquehanna Saige P.
Valley View Douglas G.
Wyoming Area Peter B.
Wyoming Seminary Roy P.
Wyoming Valley West Ryan B.

Level II Top 10 Scores

Rank Score Name School
1 35 Josiah D. Delaware Valley
2 34 Ziyan F. Wyoming Seminary
3 32 Kevin H. Abington Heights
4 27 Cierra B. Abington Heights
5 26 Sean P. Delaware Valley
6 25 Ben S. Scranton Prep
6 25 Brian N. Wyoming Valley West
6 25 Cathy L. Delaware Valley
6 25 Jonathan G. Abington Heights
10 24 Eric O. Abington Heights

Level II Top Scorers at Each School

School Name
Abington Heights Kevin H.
Berwick Reed P.
Crestwood Eli W. and Grace H.
Delaware Valley Josiah D.
Honesdale Rachel Fritz
Lakeland Curtis R.
MMI Prep Claire S.
North Pocono Anna D.
Pius X Tony Z. and Doah K.
Scranton Vaikal P.
Scranton Prep Ben S.
Valley View Paul S.
Wyoming Area Nicholas L.
Wyoming Seminary Ziyan F.
Wyoming Valley West Brian N.