2013 High School Math Contest Results

Another great day of math and fun was enjoyed by about 200 participants on Mar. 16, 2013. We would like to thank all the teachers and parents that supported the students.

Congratulations to all the students. Please remember that this is not a regular math test, but a contest, designed to be challenging (and hopefully fun as well). The mean for the level I test was 15.6 and the mean for the level II test was 20.1.

Each of the top 3 scorers in each level will receive the cash prize as well as an award certificate. The other top 10 scorers, and the top scorers at each school in each level will receive an award certificate.

For the 2012 contest results, please click here.

Level I Top 10 Scores

Rank Score Name School
1 35 Kevin H. Abington Heights
2 32 Ziyan F. Wyoming Seminary
3 29 Peter K. Scranton Prep
3 29 Connor M. Wyoming Seminary
3 29 Michael W. Abington Heights
6 27 Anna D. North Pocono
7 26 Richard L. Abington Heights
8 25 Curtis R. Lakeland
8 25 Qianyi C. Wyoming Seminary
10 24 Josh D. Berwick

Level I Top Scorers at Each School

School Name
Abington Heights Kevin H.
Berwick Josh D.
Crestwood Alex O.
Eastern Univ. Academy Isaiah H.
Elmer L. Meyers Miles H.
Lakeland Curtis R.
MMI Prep Claire S.
North Pocono Anna D.
Northwest Area Josh W.
Pius X Diana W.
Scranton Krina P.
Scranton Prep Peter K.
Weatherly Cyrick T.
Western Wayne Tony Z.
Wyoming Area Julia B.
Wyoming Seminary Ziyan F.
Wyoming Valley West Tyler W.

Level II Top 10 Scores

Rank Score Name School
1 37 Hoang T. Wyoming Seminary
2 34 Gregory R. Lakeland
3 33 Aidan H. Abington Heights
3 33 Tyler M. Wyoming Seminary
5 32 Yan L. Wyoming Seminary
6 31 Anh Hung N. Wyoming Seminary
6 31 David Y. Wyoming Valley West
8 30 Noah B.-H. Wyoming Seminary
8 30 Paul C. Scranton Prep
8 30 Nguyen L. Wyoming Seminary

Level II Top Scorers at Each School

School Name
Abington Heights Aidan H.
Berwick Shawnasty B.
Crestwood Grace H.
Eastern Univ. Academy Steve G.
Honesdale Rachel F.
Lakeland Gregory R.
North Pocono Joe L.
Northwest Area Glenn C.
Pius X Tong Z.
Scranton Jennifer S.
Scranton Prep Paul C.
Susquehanna Community Ryan S.
Weatherly Michael E.
Wyoming Area Maria M.
Wyoming Seminary Hoang T.
Wyoming Valley West David Y.