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2012 High School Math Contest Results

Over 200 students from 17 high schools participated in Marywood's High School Math Contest on Saturday, March 24, 2012. As always, we congratulate all participants and extend our appreciation to the teachers who generously volunteered their time to bring the students to the contest.

Due to human errors, two of the problems in the level II contest were graded incorrectly. After discovering the mistakes, we have manually checked all level II participants' scantron sheets and updated the results accordingly. This does mean that the results below look slightly different from what we initially posted.

Thanks to Chris from Weatherly Area SD for alerting us to the errors.

We apologize for the mistakes. Despite our effort to become math superheroes, we are still just human.

For the contest results of 2011, click here

Level I Top 3 Scores

Rank Score Name School
1 40 Ritesh R. South Brunswick HS, NJ
2 36 Noah B. Wyoming Seminary
3 33 Brian N. Wyoming Vally West

Level I Top Scorers at Each School

School Name
Abington Heights HS Cierra B.
Crestwood HS Grace H.
E. L. Meyers HS Olivia R.
Holy Cross HS John L.
Holy Redeemer HS Bryce P.
Honesdale HS Gustin R.
Lakeland HS Maura M.
MMI Prep Claire S.
Scranton HS Zachary F.
Scranton Prep Paul C.
South Brunswick HS, NJ Ritesh R.
Western Wayne HS Tim L.
Wyoming Seminary Noah B.
Wyoming Valley West HS Brian N.

Level II Top 3 Scores

Rank Score Name School
1 39 Chris H. Weatherly
2 36 Hoang T. Wyoming Seminary
3 33 Danny C. Scranton HS

Level II Top Scorers at Each School

School Name
Abington Heights HS Smit M.
Crestwood HS Janak J.
Holy Cross HS Nicholas B.
Corey G.
Honesdale HS Sam C.
Pius X. HS Danlin X.
Lakeland HS Greg R.
MMI Prep Paul B.
Scranton HS Danny C.
Scranton Prep Molly S.
Susquehanna Comm. HS Jeff W.
Weatherly Area HS Christopher H.
Wyoming Seminary Hoang T.
Wyoming Valley West HS Matthew N.