Alumni: Detail

Corey Foote, 2013

8th Grade Math Teacher, Carbondale Area High School

I teach 8th grade mathematics at Carbondale Area High School. Marywood provided me with higher level math and problem solving skills that help me in the classroom. I believe that the deeper a teacher knows their subject, the better they can teach it.

What is your current employment?

I teach 8th-grade mathematics at Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High School, about 25 minutes north of Marywood. The courses I teach are Honors Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, and Math 8. I was hired one year after graduation.

How did your math education at Marywood prepare you for your current job?

The most important thing my math education at Marywood did for me was provide me with higher level math and problem-solving skills, which helps me in the classroom. I am a master of the content I teach, which is important to being an effective educator. The deeper a teacher knows their subject, the better they can teach it. I also gained a greater appreciation for mathematics, something I try to pass along to my students.

What are some of your favorite memories as a math / math secondary education major at Marywood?

I made some lifelong friends due to the hours we put in working with one another on assignments, projects, and studying for our exams. We were also very close with the professors in the math department. Our department felt like a family. The professors were so helpful to us with our coursework and really cared about our success in the classroom and also about our futures. We were not just a "number" to them. They took the time to mentor us, something I will never forget and a quality I deem important for educators. Going to barbecues at their houses, conferences, and other trips, and holiday parties were very fun, and we knew the entire math student body very well. Math Club was also a great way to get involved. In addition, the professors were very supportive of our choice to enter the field of education, even though their expertise was mathematics, and always looked for ways to help us in our endeavors.