Mathematics & Computer Science Alumni Spotlights

Alumni Spotlights

Photo of Cody Dosch

Cody Dosch

Class of 2021

I am currently employed as an MES developer at Sanofi. Marywood’s faculty has given me the skills to succeed, and has instilled in me a great passion for my field. I hope to one day work on embedded systems for NASA.

Photo of Alexis Palys

Alexis Palys

Class of 2021

I'm currently employed at Petroleum Service Company in Wilkes Barre, PA working as their Web Developer. Marywood provided me with so many opportunities and helped prepare me for my field. Without the faculty and staff of Marywood, I would not have found a career before graduating!

Photo of Heather Kwolek

Heather Kwolek

Class of 2021

I am currently working as an Internet Marketing Strategist at WebFX. Here I am in charge of coming up with and implementing strategies for search engine optimization and client pay-per-click campaigns through the use of data analytics. My education from Marywood University provided me with my foundational logic and problem solving skills that I can always lean back on.

Photo of Jack DeGroot

Jack DeGroot

Class of 2021

I am enrolled in the PhD Statistics Program at the University of New Hampshire and hold a Teaching Assistantship position. Attending Marywood University for my mathematics degree allowed for deeper understanding of both theoretical and applied mathematical concepts that will help me in my graduate school studies. With the leadership, support, and guidance of the mathematics department at Marywood University I feel very prepared in performing my own original research.

Photo of Samantha Wigley

Samantha Wigley

Class of 2019

At Marywood, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in both Computer Science and Information Security, with a minor in Math. I am currently working as a web/software developer and a business analyst. The Computer Science program encouraged me to not only work hard but to also have a passion for the material. The small class sizes allows students to have an interactive experience, in part creating a eminent learning environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with my professors and fellow classmates at the university.

Photo of Josh Carey

Josh Carey

Class of 2015

I am enrolled in a PhD program at Binghamton University. Marywood gave me a well-rounded education and I was given every opportunity to explore the depth and beauty of mathematics.

Photo of Erin MacDuff

Erin MacDuff

Class of 2014

I have been working at the high school level as a Bilingual Mathematics teacher, which means that I work with English language learners and teach them math while helping them to learn English.

Photo of Amberly Warner

Amberly Warner

Class of 2013

I work as a mathematics teacher. I was a co-valedictorian of my graduating class. During my speech, I will never forget looking out at the audience. I could clearly see two of my math professors. The expressions on their faces made it clear that, aside from my parents, they were some of the proudest people in the room. In turn, it made me proud to represent the math department.

Photo of Corey Foote

Corey Foote

Class of 2013

I teach 8th grade mathematics at Carbondale Area High School. Marywood provided me with higher level math and problem solving skills that help me in the classroom. I believe that the deeper a teacher knows their subject, the better they can teach it.

Photo of Sarah A. Yeust

Sarah A. Yeust

Class of 2013

I am currently a secondary mathematics teacher in the Blue Ridge School District. Attending Marywood University for my Mathematics/Secondary Education degree was an excellent decision. The friendships formed, as well as the small class size and personal attention, enriched my learning and made for a memorable four years!”

Photo of Lauren Thorne/Roote

Lauren Thorne/Roote

Class of 2013

I currently work at Scranton Preparatory School as an algebra and geometry teacher. My college math courses made me aware of the bigger picture in mathematics. They helped me to not only grasp each individual subject on a higher level, but also to understand their connection to one another so I can convey their practical relationships and importance in the greater field of mathematics to my high school students.

Photo of Jillian Rosencrantz

Jillian Rosencrantz

Class of 2013

I am currently a mathematics teacher. One of my favorite memories is bonding with the "Math Square and the Arbitrary Point". Other favorite memories include the Math Department picnics and developing a relationship with my professors that some students will never have an opportunity to do.

Photo of Kenny Rushinski

Kenny Rushinski

Class of 2011

I am currently spending a majority of my week as a data analyst just outside of Chicago, building data bases for a major food and beverage company. What was great about Marywood was that I never felt like just another number in any of my classes. I never felt out of place asking questions and that allowed me to get a better understanding of any and all concepts that I can now use to further my career.

Photo of Jason Bugno

Jason Bugno

Class of 2010

I work for Scranton Preparatory School. The members of Marywood’s math department teach much more than math skills. They teach you how to think. They challenge you to discover and use new concepts and ideas to solve problems.

Photo of Ashley Alfieri Carroll

Ashley Alfieri Carroll

Class of 2009

I am currently a math teacher for the Scranton School District. Some of my favorite Marywood memories were our math club parties and when we went to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference in Atlantic City.