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Jillian Rosencrantz

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Class of 2013

I am currently a mathematics teacher. One of my favorite memories is bonding with the "Math Square and the Arbitrary Point". Other favorite memories include the Math Department picnics and developing a relationship with my professors that some students will never have an opportunity to do.

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The mission of the Department of Science, Mathematics, & Computer Science is to offer excellent instruction in the sciences, mathematics, and computer science by faculty for whom excellent teaching is a high priority, and who work continually to improve teaching and learning. We provide opportunities for students to participate in research projects with faculty and degree programs that result in graduates ready to pursue careers in their field, further graduate or professional studies, or enter the teaching profession. We also teach classes for general education students and nonmajors that offer the substance of science and mathematics in a manner which results in graduates who can understand and appreciate the linkage between science, mathematics, and the modern world. Majors and non-majors alike are provided scientific and quantitative literacy and are encouraged to utilize their education in a globally responsible manner.


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Computer Science

Our B.S. degree in Computer Science will open the door to a wide range of information technology careers. This program provides a strong foundation in the theory of computing and essential skills in computer programming, software engineering, web application development, and related areas.

Information Security

Our B.S. degree in Information Security will give you a distinctive advantage in the rapidly growing field of cyber security. Every day, government agencies and private organizations face the challenge of protecting their computer networks and infrastructure, as well as their valuable business and customer data. This program will prepare you to meet this challenge and become a leader in the field of cyber security.

We plan to initiate a Master's in Information Security in the near future. 


Our B.S. degree in Mathematics provides a strong foundation in mathematical skills and logical reasoning, plus an appreciation for the role of mathematics in other disciplines. Our bachelor's degrees will prepare you for both graduate studies and a professional career in such industries like insurance, banking/financial, information technology etc.

Mathematics/Secondary Education

Our B.S. degree in Mathematics/Secondary Education prepares you for a successful and rewarding teaching career. You will not only acquire the essential mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills, but also develope a deep understanding of the learning process and the ability to implement an effective program of mathematical instruction.


We also offer the following minors for interested students.

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Astronomy