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Our faculty, staff, and administrators are available to provide their expertise on a variety of topics (listed at right). This database is designed primarily for members of the media looking for public comments.

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Topic: Social Services

Phyllis Black, Ph.D, LSW


Topics: Social Services; Ethics; Education;

Areas of Expertise: Graduate Social Work Education; Ethical Issues in Social Work Practice and Education

Robert V. Doyle, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Topics: Religion; Ethics; Health; Diversity; Catholic Social Teaching; Immigration; Gender and Sexuality;

Areas of Expertise: public health, health/culture and diversity, sexual ethics, social issues, gender and sexuality issues, Catholic social teaching, and ecclesiology

B. Lynn Hutchings, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Topics: Social Services;

Areas of Expertise: Designing and modifying the built environment to accommodate people with disabilities.