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Academic Experts Database

Our faculty, staff, and administrators are available to provide their expertise on a variety of topics (listed at right). This database is designed primarily for members of the media looking for public comments.

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Topic: Families

Kathleen Healy-Karabell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Topics: Families & Parenting;

Areas of Expertise: Cultural Diversity : Quality Improvement; Depression in the elderly: Workplace Violence; Student Incivility; Relationship of Anxiety to Poor Standardized Testing Results

Tracie L. Pasold, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Topics: Psychology; Families & Parenting;

Areas of Expertise: Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents; issues of childhood and adolescence

Joseph Polizzi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Topics: Education; Families & Parenting;

Areas of Expertise: School Leadership; School Reform; School Policy and Governance, Charter Schools

Vijayachandra Ramachandra, PhD

Associate Professor

Topics: Diseases & Disorders; Families & Parenting;

Areas of Expertise: Adult Language and Cognition; Child Language Acquisition and Disorders; Neurolinguistics; Psycholinguistics

Theresa Tulaney, MS, RN, GCNS-BC

Clinical Instructor

Topics: Families & Parenting; Healthcare;

Areas of Expertise: Geriatrics and Medical/surgical nursing