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Academic Experts Database

Our faculty, staff, and administrators are available to provide their expertise on a variety of topics (listed at right). This database is designed primarily for members of the media looking for public comments.

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Topic: Education

Patricia Sullivan Arter, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

Topics: Diseases & Disorders; Education;

Areas of Expertise: Universal Design for Learning and Integrating Technology into Instruction; Creating access to learning for diverse learners; Transition skills for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder; Classroom Behavior Management

Phyllis Black, Ph.D, LSW


Topics: Social Services; Ethics; Education;

Areas of Expertise: Graduate Social Work Education; Ethical Issues in Social Work Practice and Education

Agnes A. Cardoni, PhD

Assistant Professor

Topics: Healthcare; Education; Women's Issues;

Areas of Expertise: Medical Humanities and Narrative Medicine; Influence of the Humanities on Medical/ Health-care Education; Secondary Education, especially issues in High-school English; American writer Tillie Olsen feminist Working-class Literature of the 20th Century

Christine L. Fryer, Ed.D.

Chariperson of the School of Education, Clinical Assistant Professor

Topics: Early Childhood Education; Science Curriculum and Instruction; Reflective Practice;

Areas of Expertise: Reflection of Student Teachers; Quality Early Childhood Programs and Curriculum; and Inquiry-Based Science Instruction

Amy Paciej-Woodruff, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Topics: Higher Education Administration;

Areas of Expertise: Higher Education Administration; Male College Student Engagement/Masculinity Identity Development; Leadership Identity Development; Equity; Diversity and Inclusion Training; Extended Adolescence and Generations.

Joseph Polizzi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Topics: Education; Families & Parenting;

Areas of Expertise: School Leadership; School Reform; School Policy and Governance, Charter Schools

Frances E. Russell, I.H.M., Ph.D., C.M.F.C.

Associate Professor of Education

Topics: Literacy/reading; teacher education; mentoring; supervision of student teachers;

Areas of Expertise: Reading Education and Early Childhood Education