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Academic Experts Database

Our faculty, staff, and administrators are available to provide their expertise on a variety of topics (listed at right). This database is designed primarily for members of the media looking for public comments.

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Topic: Art

Stephen Brower, Director

Assistant Professor

Topics: Art; History;

Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design and Illustration; Woody Guthrie; Louis Armstrong; History of Mass-market Paperbacks and American Comic Books

Marguerite Fuller,

Adjunct Faculty

Topics: Art;

Areas of Expertise: Film and Digital photography, large-format film and alternative methods in the darkroom

Sue Jenkins, MFA

Clinical Assistant Professor

Topics: Art;

Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustration, Adobe Software, Digital and Film Photography, Adobe Certified Expert/Adobe Certified Instructor

Phil Jenkins, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Chair

Topics: Philosophy; Art; Ethics;

Areas of Expertise: Philosophy of Art; Philosophy of Psychology; Ethics; History of Philosophy