Marketing: Editorial Guide


The Marywood University Editorial Style Guide provides editorial standards for use in all content (web and print) generated by or on behalf of Marywood University. By following these guidelines, content written for presentations, websites, or publications representing the University will remain consistent. All University employees are requested to follow these standards.

The Marketing Office is responsible for maintaining Marywood University’s Brand Guidelines. Editorial content, which reflects a positive, consistent, and cohesive image of the University, is part of that brand portfolio.

The style points raised here are guidelines, and they are flexible in certain cases. In some instances, the style used within University-generated content is based on the academic tradition of this institution and, as such, varies from the recommendations normally used in other style guides (e.g. capitalization of faculty and administrative titles, academic degrees, and department names). However, the rules of grammar and punctuation are fixed syntactic regulations and should not be arbitrarily changed. With regard to media releases, we strictly follow the guidelines set by the Associated Press in The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual.

In a general sense, editorial guidelines must be applied to each case in a consistent manner (in some cases, it comes down to the aesthetics, format, and usage of the piece). The judgment of the Publications Director is a part of that application, and the ever-evolving platform of digital content also influences style decisions. All areas of the University should strive to follow these guidelines, which were created in the interest of clarifying written content and supporting the University as a whole. Any questions or special considerations should be brought to the attention of the Publications Director.