Is "Lead On" Our New Brand?

Not exactly. Let us explain.

What is a Brand?

A brand is much more than a logo or tagline. A brand lasts a lifetime. In the case of Marywood, a nearly century-old lifetime.

"Lead On" is a tagline, not a brand, just as "Where Learning Becomes Leading" was a tagline and not a brand. The "Lead On" toolbox of words, graphics, and images helps us share Marywood's brand.

Seal, Logo, & Colors

Rest assured, Marywood’s primary colors are still green and white (with gold as an accent). Our University seal, logo, and wordmark are still the same, and we'll continue to use them according to established standards. The "Lead On" branding tools do not change any of these important, established representations of Marywood.

Instead, the "Lead On" toolbox works with these representations to help us spread the Marywood brand in a consistent and engaging way. This messaging platform will continue to evolve over time. But we will always have the same seal, logo, colors, and the same brand established in 1915 and lived out through Marywood's core values and mission.