"Lead On" just works. Here's why and how it works:

Why "Lead On" Works

It Builds

"Lead On" is the next generation of "Where Learning Becomes Leading." It infuses our messages with new energy, while retaining the essence of leadership so vital to the Marywood mission and experience.

It Positions

"Lead On" is a bold statement with a serious purpose. We could just say "Lead." But we chose to say "Lead On." This message is confident and directed at the future. It calls to students who want to be challenged.

It Speaks to All Audiences

"Lead On" encourages us all to imagine a brighter future, serve others, and convert dreams to deeds. Prospective students understand this kind of contemporary language. At the same time, the call to "Lead On" can be actively embraced by trustees, alumni, benefactors, and our whole campus community.

How "Lead On" Works

Contemporary Tone

The "Lead On" language is straightforward, inspirational, and challenging. It blends short headlines and tightly crafted sentences to provide a contemporary appeal in our user-centered, interactive culture.

Consistent Style

Distinctive visual elements create consistency across our print and interactive communications. That includes the gold brushstroke, a secondary color palate, limited fonts, and photos that focus on student learning groups, the natural beauty of our campus, and action shots that hint at the forward momentum of "Lead On."

So, is "Lead On" Marywood's new brand?