Marywood Colors & Fonts

Primary Colors

PMS 357 PMS 357
(C:80 M:0 Y:100 K:62)
(R:0 G:90 B:32)
PMS 130 PMS 130
(C:0 M:39 Y:100 K:0)
(R:250 G:168 B:25)
White White

Secondary Colors

Our secondary colors complement our primary colors. They should be used in conjunction with our primary colors, never alone.

PMS 2945 PMS 2945
(C:99 M:45 Y:0 K:20)
(R:0 G:100 B:162) 
PMS 216 PMS 216
(C:0 M:95 Y:40 K:54)
(R:133 G:7 B:53) 
PMS 266 PMS 266
(C:79 M:90 Y:0 K:0)
(R:90 G:64 B:153) 
PMS 379 PMS 379
(C:20 M:0 Y:80 K:0)
(R:213 G:224 B:91) 


Times New Roman is Marywood's official typeface.

Bembo and Agenda are also used extensivley, although these are not standard fonts in most computer programs.