Summer 2011

“Squirrel Uprising” Garners National Attention



Everyone expects a joke or two on April Fool’s Day, but unsuspecting members of the Marywood University community, as well as anyone who happened to visit Marywood’s website that day, experienced nuttiness of an entirely different sort.

The campus squirrels, led by “General Nutters McWalnut” took over the home page, presented a list of demands, and threatened to chew the wires of the University’s server, should these demands not be met. Of course, it was all in good fun—and the fun was noticed by the media, other universities, blogs, and alumni from around the country, becoming a frequently shared and tweeted phenomenon on social networking sites.

The prank was the brainchild of Marywood’s web development team, including Sister Kathleen Burns, IHM, Director of Web Development; Amy Fedele, Web Design Specialist; Mark Pitely, Web Developer; and graduate assistant Daniel Sputa.

To relive the squirrel uprising, go to www.marywood.edu/home/41.html.

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