Fall 2015

Slifkin Student Research Fund Established

Karen Pietila Slifkin ’69 and Stu SlifkinThe Slifkin Student Research Fund has been established through a deferred pledge agreement gift from Karen Pietila Slifkin ’69, providing funds through a planned estate bequest.

Karen earned her B.S. degree in Chemistry from Marywood and enjoyed an outstanding 35-year career in the chemical industry, in an area, as she notes, “where the technical and marketing meet.” She specialized in technical writing, advertising, and public relations; wrote specifications for products; and worked on ISO quality standards.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without my Marywood education,” said Karen. “My education gave me credentials in the workplace. However, I also realized that I learned how to learn. I worked with technologies that did not exist when I graduated. I have done volunteer work in areas far removed from my academic background.”

Karen had attended Marywood with some scholarship help from her home state of New Jersey. With the establishment of this special fund, she wanted to provide support for current students in her own field of chemistry or biology. Because she knew of the expenses beyond tuition that students committed to serious study could incur, money from the fund she has established can be applied to student research, publication, and conference fees.

“Financial and other support needs to be focused, not fractured, to be effective,” she said. “I have set up my will so that a portion of my estate will go to Marywood. It is the best way to make a lasting impact.”

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